Step football betting, the form of betting of the real ball neck

Football betting or step football betting is another form of online football betting that guarantees that every real football gambler will definitely love this form of football betting. By betting on this style of football, it can be called both a set ball and a step ball, depending on how the Thai gambler is good at calling. This form of football betting is a popular football betting. because it can make more money than single ball betting, high and low ball to many times But it has to come with a challenge that is many times the same. which the challenge with the gambler is already a pair

Step football betting, football betting that gives the highest payout rate.

As we have mentioned a moment ago that the football betting step. That is one of the styles of football betting that has the highest payout rate. By betting on other common types of football, the payout rate is usually around 1.7 – 2.2 only. But for this form of football betting, we can increase the payout rate to be around at least 5.0 at least and much higher than that. But it also comes at the cost of a lower win rate. Because the ball step is a football betting that uses several football bets at once. For this reason, it has been called the “ball set”.

Learn the rules of football steps for new players.

For making money from betting with step football is not as complicated as many people think, because even if the payout rate is high, the chances of winning are low, but it’s worth winning in each. time Helps gamblers do not have to bet for 1,000 baht to get 1,000 money back, but using only 50 baht bets, you can easily make thousands by betting on football matches, plus our website also has Organizing a football step promotion for gamblers who are interested in participating in this form of football betting as well. Make it easier to bet and make more money with the promotions that our website provides for all ten great iii of peach blossom นักแสดง gamblers who sign up for the service.

For new players who may not understand where this form of football hon slot betting should start to help make money from step football betting. Today we have 2 steps to get started as a football master who can skillfully bet on a set of football. Follow these 3 steps to guarantee that you can easily win the ball step.

Step 1: Learn how to calculate the money of football step.

The reason why step football has a higher payout rate than single ball betting or high and low ball, that comes from betting multiple pairs and bringing the payout rate of many football pairs Paying 1.7, the 3rd pair has a payout rate 2.1 The way of thinking of this step is the principal x (the sum of the payout rates of all 3 football pairs), assuming that เกมy8 bet 100 baht will be 100 x ( 1.8 x 1.7 x 2.1 ), which means that if winning in this step bet, the total cost is 642.6 baht.


Step 2: Choose the right number of pairs.

From what we have shown the way of calculating the football step, it can be seen that the more we choose the more betting pairs. The payout will increase accordingly, but keep in mind that the win rate will also decrease. Therefore, it is best to bet with the right number of pairs.

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