Is the greatest brand in table tennis

The Butterfly Amicus Fundamental table tennis robot is the least expensive robot from Butterfly and is created in Hungary. Every one of the three Amicus robots appear to be identical, it is just the control board that changes between forms. This essential robot has less choices and capabilities. Here is our full survey.

Butterfly is the greatest brand in table tennis yet they have collaborated with the Hungarian organization LCS Game to make their most recent scope of robots, that were delivered in 2014. There are three choices accessible; Essential, Advance, and Expert. LCS Game additionally sells the robots under the brand name “Power Pong”. The Power Pong 3000 is equivalent to the Butterfly Amicus Proficient.


Here’s beginning and end you really want to be familiar with the Butterfly Amicus Fundamental table tennis robot…

All Butterfly Amicus robots are not difficult to convey and set-up – they join securely to one finish of the table. Amicus robots can send up to 120 balls each moment. They additionally have three heads permitting them to convey variable measures of topspin, reverse-pivot, sidespin and no twist. You can likewise change the level of the robot head. These are top quality robots that truly stand apart from the others on special.

The accompanying depiction comes straightforwardly from Butterfly…

Phenomenal for focused energy preparing of stroke method and footwork. Six balls for every activity with various position. Twist, speed, and direction customizable. Irregular capability gives balls with a characteristic dispersing.

Furthermore, here’s the Butterfly video showing the elements of their new Amicus robots…

This is a fundamental table tennis robot that is focused on new players seeking utilize a robot for creating straightforward stroke method and footwork.

THE Survey

The Butterfly Amicus Fundamental table tennis robot is a generally excellent section level robot. I truly like how lightweight and simple to ship it is. In the wake of having a Training Accomplice 50 myself (Y&T V-989) I figure out the significance of this. My robot was exceptionally weighty and hard to move around.

The Amicus Fundamental accompanies a pack to convey it in and just weighs 6kg. My Training Accomplice 50 tipped the scales at 22kg!

The Amicus Essential does all that you would anticipate from a basic robot. It can furnish you with bundles of each and every twist, and no twist – which is a decent expansion. Not all robots can give no twist balls. You are additionally ready to control how much twist – this wasn’t a choice with my Training Accomplice 50.

Another element that I truly like is the arbitrary capability. It implies you can set the robot to convey balls haphazardly over the table. Playing with a robot and doing heaps of standard examples can make you a piece unsurprising and less ready to conform to shock positions. This irregular setting ought to assist a great deal with resolving that issue.

The principal downside to the Amicus Fundamental is that it doesn’t have a portion of the extravagant elements of the Amic Advance and Expert. On the off chance that you are searching for an extremely basic robot, that won’t irritate you by any means. In any case, assuming you like having a “little PC” incorporated into your robot that can recollect bores and even gives you game-like circumstances that beginning with a serve, then you may be in an ideal situation going for one of the more costly Amicus choices.

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