Quick Look at Milkshake XXXtreme Slots

A milkshake was formerly a quickly thrown together drink. As of late… Laugh it off; milkshakes are as simple as it gets in the culinary world. You can make any kind of shake you can imagine; the only constraints are your creativity, the size of the cup, and the force of gravity. Milkshake XXXtreme, a video slot game created by NetEnt, is themed around this penchant for sweet alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, Milkshake XXXtreme doesn’t seem to be a rehash of an older game or even nearly as crazy as its related title, Starburst XXXtreme. However, it has a strong milkshake flavor, so if you’re craving something sweet, why not grab a straw and go over for a look?

Milkshake XXXtreme is a colorful, sweet joy of a game, strong on coloration that leans toward pastels, so you might want to bring some hues along with your straw. Rather of being set in a kingdom of candy, the game’s core consists of a 6×6 playing grid surrounded by milkshakes and colorful patterns. Jovial enough, nevertheless, that players who go crazy for slots with sweets themes should also go crazy about Milkshake XXXtreme.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Milkshake XXXtreme can be played on any platform, from a tablet to a smartphone to a desktop computer, and it accepts wagers ranging from 25 pence to 500 pounds or euros every spin. While the game’s math model has been classified by NetEnt as low/medium volatility, the XXXtreme portion of the title alludes to a spin enhancement option that boosts the stake. Payers can anticipate theoretical return rates of 96.06%, 94.02%, or 88.06%, depending on the jurisdiction or operator settings.

Milkshake XXXtreme’s scatter payout system is not as novel as it once was, but it still awards prizes. On every spin, a total of 36 symbols are dropped into place, and a payout is awarded if at least 8 matching symbols land on the grid in any position or adjacent positions. In addition, a scatter victory triggers the Avalanche feature. After a win, the panel’s symbols are cleared away and replaced with similar ones that have been dropped down from above. As usual, Avalanches keep going until there are no more victories to build on. Low-paying symbols include spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts, while high-paying symbols include several flavors of ice cream in bright colors (blue, green, orange, and red). Wilds can emerge at random, and they can stand in for any pay sign.

Features of Milkshake XXXtreme Slot Machine

When you disassemble a Milkshake XXXtreme, you’ll find Milkshakes, Boosters, and XXXtreme Spins.


A Milkshake glass moves with the reels with every round. The hue, multiplier, and baseline for each Milkshake are all determined at random; possible outcomes include red, green, orange, and blue. When a victory occurs, the Milkshake is filled with more symbols of the same color as the winning combination. When a milkshake reaches 20 points, two more random milkshakes slide in beside the grid. You may see a maximum of four milkshakes at once. At the conclusion of a spin, your winnings can be amplified by using the full Milkshake multiplier.

Improved Function

The Booster feature can randomly occur at the beginning of a new spin or after the Avalanche has activated, awarding a multiplier or Color Booster to any of the Milkshakes by the grid.

The Multiplier Booster may increase the value of a Milkshake Multiplier by an additional x4 to x100 without affecting the total number of points.

Any Milkshake may be upgraded to a Rainbow Milkshake with the help of the Color Booster, although the Multiplier and total score remain the same. Scatter victories on Rainbow Milkshakes are counted no matter what color they are.

Extraordinary Turns

Here’s where the XXXtreme twist comes in, letting you up your wager for special spin bonuses. You can go one of two ways:

When you wager 10 times the minimum, you get one spin with two Milkshakes and a guaranteed wild.

You can get one spin for 95x your wager with four Milkshakes to fill and two locked wilds.

Judgment on Milkshake XXXtreme Slots

At the time of this assessment, scatter-paying online slots were quite popular for whatever reason may have caused this. The pioneers included Pragmatic Play with releases like Gates of Olympus, Hacksaw Gaming with Frank’s Farm, and Blueprint Gaming with Rise of Atlantis. When it comes to choosing a scatter-paying video slot, players have a number of options. What makes Milkshake XXXtreme the better option?

A few explanations come to mind. For one, it seems like a comeback after NetEnt’s last baked goods slot, Cupcakes, which, despite its heavy application of themed icing, failed to fully satisfy the sweet taste. Even if it’s not exactly a comeback that will change the world, the 7,100x your bet jackpot is nevertheless tempting. If you ignore the XXXtreme Spins subtitle, the game is still rather challenging. Since there is no bonus game, your only objective is to rack up as many scatter pay wins as possible, then multiply those wins by as many as you can with the help of full Milkshakes. Since there are no free spins, it would be quite nice, if not just insane, to win the maximum amount during one of these ordinary base game spins. The probability of getting the maximum payout might be an intriguing statistic. That just leaves the Xtreme Spins section; similar to Starburst XXXtreme, you may want to proceed with caution, since the more thrilling choice can quickly deplete a balance at 95x a pop.

Milkshake XXXtreme was a well-packaged game that offered excitement to the proper player. It rests on a different ledge than Starburst XXXtreme because its mathematical model is less volatile and it has far lower winning potential. It’s not all horrible, since it provides players an opportunity to experiment with XXXtreme spins in what should be (if they’re careful) a less intimidating setting than its cosmic sibling.

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